Supporting Families (Boxes of Love)

Currently, we are serving approximately 100 families and are committed to visiting them at least once every 15 days, to provide food, cleaning products and other basic household items.

Families that for many years had respectable jobs and incomes, and that sustained themselves in the best way they could. However, due to the financial crisis and ever-increasing unemployment rates, these families become vulnerable members of society: they were struck by diseases (often incurable), incurred hospital expenses, lost their jobs, became subject to accidents, and much more. As a result, they became victims of hunger and poverty.

We had the good fortune of meeting many of these families and it is our great privilege that they welcomed us inside their homes and shared their pain and problems with us. Consequently, we began preparing, packaging and distributing boxes full of food, cleaning products, clothing and other basic household items which serve to reduce the burden of their monthly requirements. Most of these families are located in the areas of Kamatero, Menidio, Kokkinos Milos, Xasia, the Olympic Village, Agious Anargirous, Kalivia and Nea Zoi, amongst others.

Our first initiative was to distribute 90 such boxes during Christmas to the “H Argos” daycare center for disabled children, as well as to a Church in Agios Ioannis Rentis where underprivileged families had gathered. Subsequently, in January we visited another 20 Greek families. We had the opportunity to witness first-hand the magnitude of their problems and requirements. This reassures us that whatever we distribute truly goes to those who need it most and that it covers their most pressing needs.

Responding to the call from the Hellenic Multiple Sclerosis Association, we started a monthly distribution of “Boxes of Love” to their center.

Nevertheless, beyond proving material relief, what is equally important is the relief that comes with caring, conversing and spending time with these people. This, for us, is an essential part of the process. We have now taken the decision to support these families on a consistent basis whether it be through providing basic goods, spending time with them or any other means that may arise in the future, until they are able to support themselves once again.

Receiving support either from individuals or companies, as is the case with Euroxartiki which provides us with cleaning products and detergents, is very important in this effort to support these families on a long-term basis.

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