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“Eternal Voice: Reviving Our Roots”, the name of our new radio station, is the voice of truth we all are seeking for in our lives. Surely, truth cannot be found outside in the material world, but rather only in the silent depths of our heart.

Today, the youth are facing increasing conflict in their lives, both externally and internally. The modern education system demands ever increasing time and dedication, without truly providing solutions to their daily problems. Instead, it neglects their character development, and the result is that they are unable to deal with day-to-day difficulties that arise. The same applies to older adults, perhaps to a lesser extent.

This motivated us to set up the Greek radio station “Eternal Voice”, aimed mainly at inspiring and entertaining young people. Here, you will hear discussions, the sharing of opinions and concerns as well as powerful experiences that have affected people in a positive way, all of which will allow the love inside our hearts to blossom. Furthermore, we will host talks and interviews touching upon a wide range of topics such as values, relationships, education, health, philosophy, well-being, mindfulness, art, sports and much more. The goal is to address important topics and try to provide solutions to everyday problems.

Our vision is to build a radio station that will serve as a source of entertainment, inspiration and guidance for the youth, helping them find solutions to everyday problems and make positive changes in their lives.

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