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At Nectar of Love, we have had the good fortune of organizing and hosting several successful events – whether it be musical, conferences or workshops – to support good causes.

One such example was when many young motivated people came from over seven European countries for a three-day conference at Nectar of Love. The main purpose was to identify problems and needs in each of our countries (such as rising homelessness, poverty or lack of care of the elderly), and suggest immediate steps for us to solving them to whatever extent possible, while also receiving help and support from the teams in each of the other countries. Aside from extended workshops, planning and brainstorming sessions, the conference included hands-on activities such as cooking for and distributing food to 450+ homeless people in the areas of Piraeus, Agios Ioannis Renti and Gazi. The weekend-long event also included exercises to help us develop balance and concentration in our day to day lives, such as meditation, yoga and Qigong.

Examples of music events hosted at Nectar of Love include a musical performance by the Indian Mandolin virtuoso U Rajesh for the purpose of collecting clothing and food, to be distributed to the thousands of homeless people whom we serve.

Our vision is to bring people together to work in harmony, creating new opportunities to serve others in various ways.

Many more events will follow as we continue pursuing our vision of promoting selfless love and service!


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