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Cooking with Microsoft!

Recently, we had the privilege of having 15 senior employees from Microsoft at Nectar of Love. Leaving their busy offices, the employees came to take part in cooking and distributing food to the homeless scattered around the port of Piraeus, to poor families in the area of Agios Ioannis Renti, to a local Church and to a soup kitchen in the area of Gazi in Athens.

They were given a short tour of Nectar of Love, seeing the various forms of service that the team is engaging in. We then talked about our way of doing selfless service, explaining that this philosophy is a fundamental part of our lives and that we been doing it for decades. We also explained how selfless service can help the employees to bond better as a team, because it develops the good qualities in them.

At around 4pm, it was time to begin cooking! We had prepared vegetables and ingredients to feed around 400 people. It was surprising and delightful to see the employees practice teamwork and cooperation in a different environment. Within minutes they had already broken up the process of cutting and preparing the vegetables, and began working as it if were an organized production line, with one person passing on the process to the next person! After cooking and packaging the food, everyone delighted in eating in the tasty dish that had been prepared, before going on to deliver it to those in need.

There was a lot of joy overall, as many of them were reminded of their younger days cooking in the army together! It was fulfilling to see that Nectar of Love was able to serve as an environment to further increase the employees’ bonding as a team, as they worked together and used their skillset to serve others selflessly. They also made a generous donation in various kinds of food, usable kitchen items, food containers, and more, for which we are extremely grateful.